Extenze vs VigRX Plus

What is ExtenZe® and how does it work?

ExtenZe® is a male enhancement supplement that will increase the size your penis while erect. If you are looking to make your [excuse my french] dick hard, then Extenze is and will do just that. However, it also can make it bigger in girth as well.

How long do you take ExtenZe for ? Since it’s recommended that you take it daily about once per day. No more. You don’t want to be walking around with your dick hard all day, lol.

Will it work for everyone.. maily me?

As of now the results varies, but the history of this product has proven to work for most people like yourself that’s looking to grow it bit more down there.

How big will Extenze make me?

There is no exact science to the size that you will get. However, you should grow larger and firmer if you follow the directions of the product. If it doesn’t then return it back and get your MONEY BACK. They have a great return policy, while most people don’t need it.

Can you tell me if ExtenZe is safe for me?

ExtenZe Uses natural supplements that increases virility in men. But just like Viagra or another pill/supplements out there, I’m not going to tell you it’s 100 percent safe for you. What you want to do is contact your physician for that prior to using the product. Let them make the decision. You have to watch what you put in your body.

Is the ExtenZe® product guaranteed and will I get my money back?

I’m happy to tell you that this product is 100% guaranteed. If you have any doubts, if it’s not working for you, if you don’t like the results or maybe it don’t work on you as you think it should. You have 60 days to return the product to get a full refund. You can read more on the guarantee here.

How long should you take ExtenZe for ?

Take one tablet a day each day.. To get the best results, the manufacture says that you want to at least take it for eight week straight to get the best out of the product. Make it part of your daily routine so that you can maintain your performance.

What ingredients are in ExtenZe®?
a few of them are Folate, Zinc, Pregnenolone (38-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one), Black Pepper (seed), Piper Longum (seed),Ginger (root), Yohimbe Extract (bark), Tribulus Terrestris (aerial part and fruit), Korean Ginseng Extract (root), Xanthroparmelia scarbrosa, Gamma-and more.. but they are not sharing the process that makes this product what it is. It’s like KFC fried chicken, you want to know the seasoning, but no one is going to share that with you. But you can find the complete list of ingredients at are available in this male enhancing supplement here.

Now let’s talk about VigRX Plus one of the top selling make supplements in the industry.VigRX Plus

Fellas, or ladies that’s here buying for their man. VigRX Plus Is one of the best selling natural male enhancement supplements that is out right now. The main ingredients of the product is Tribulus, Bioperine and Damania. These products have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world including the Mayans.

VigRX Plus help increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction [natures curse]. Bioperine has even be proven clinically to safely absorbs nutrients that it’s combined with. Nothing better than using natural plants, roots and other of natures wonderful gifts to help us perform our basic god given need. Need to see vigrx plus results

VigRX Plus has proven to be safe. In this industry safety should be your first and main concern. They have real doctors , real testimonials, real research and most importantly, VigRX Plus supplements have proven time and time again to offer real results. That’s why they have been around for over 10 years and over 10,000 plus users are searching every month for VigRXPlus all over the world. We wrote a complete break down of this amazing product because as you can tell by this site, we’re a big fan. You can read our complete VigRX Plus Review. For info on buying it visit Where to Buy VigRX Plus.